Intro to Trials & Tribulations of a Frugal, Country Boy Tech Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is HARD.

Today’s world focuses on specialization. Specialization in health care..radiologist, or your nose and throat doctor for example.

Entrepreneurship tends to be the opposite of specialization.

Instead of honing in on a single discipline, you instead need a variety of skills to be successful. Financial, Marketing and Sales, Operations, Leadership, Strategy. Plus, probably the one discipline or idea that has you motivated enough that you’re willing to put significant resources into it (time and/or money), and for what. The dream. The dream of perhaps working your own hours, being your own boss, making significantly more money than you would by ‘working for the man’, retiring early. Whatever the dream, it comes at a high initial cost compared to a normal job.. The cost of diving into the unknown…

Life is a journey.

Entrepreneurship is a journey to the extreme..

Join me on my path, through the trials and tribulations of starting up RTCritical, a world class tech company specializing in helping clients manage their business critical systems.

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