RTCritical introduces new blog ‘Trials & Tribulations…’

Released a press release today, found here. Contents of the press release are below:

The new Software-as-a-Service company RTCritical, introduced a new blog on its website. The blog is titled ‘Trials & Tribulations of a Frugal, Country Boy Tech Entrepreneur’, and is located at http://www.rtcritical.com/intro-to-trials-tribulations-frugal-country-boy-tech-entrepreneur/.

It’s intention is to keep a log of the trials and tribulations as RTCritical journeys from the initial start-up stage, on through product release and past, allowing interested parties to experience the ups and downs of the startup, and what it will take to succeed.

The blog will be mobile friendly along with the rest of their website, providing for a great experience in or out of the office.

About RTCritical:

RTCritical is a Software-as-a-Service company founded in 2019, focused on helping clients manage their business critical systems. RTCritical is their initial and main product, that will provide Real Time, Cloud Based Monitoring & Alerting for their clients job schedulers and servers. Initially supported job schedulers will include Linux/Unix Cron, and Windows Task Scheduler. Supported Servers will include Linux/Unix and Windows Servers. Their product is currently in development. More details can be found at their website http://www.rtcritical.com.

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